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K-BIOanalytica company is a partnership private firm, founded in February 2006 in Khartoum, Sudan. In the business line, BIOanalytica is one of the leading suppliers of the medical laboratory reagents and instruments, mainly in the field of the immunodiagnostics.BIOanalytica offers sophisticated medical investigations using high quality reagents and instruments. Besides that, the company offers training and research facilities for researchers, students, and staff of biomedical fields. The overall scope of our company activities is to have a great share and better contribution inimprovement of our community health.


BIOanalytica owns two business private names: Rayan Specialized Laboratory and Rayan Center for Medical training. Besides that, BIOanalytica is working in distribution of medical laboratory reagents and instruments. 

1-   Rayan Specialized Laboratory (RSL): is one of the known medical labs in Sudan. RSL is pioneer in introduction and makes available high quality immune-diagnostic tests in Sudan using Up-To-Date innovative technology systems. To have a good quality of medical investigations in RSL, we participate in local and international quality control programs.

2-   Rayan Center for Medical Training (RCMT): pays for great activities and offers continuous technical training to all students and staffs of the biomedical fields mainly for immunology. RCMT also supports marketing activities of the company by providing professional training to customers as well as private trainees.

3-   BIOanalytica Office includes: Head management of the company, scientific office (promotion and marketing of medical products)and accounts unit.BIOanalytica is committed to the excellence in healthcare products, representing leading suppliers in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics; EUROIMMUN - Germany, Apteck - Belgium,Jokoh - Japan,Awareness - USA, Lab line - India.


The success of our company is mainly attributed to the following:

1-   Qualified personnel (27 persons), continuous education & good work environment

2-   Working with a leading suppliers in the field of laboratory reagents & instruments

3-   Good promotion and marketing activities using different communication skills

4-   Following good quality standards & systems at RSL and other company units.

5-   Better understanding of the customer requirements, flexible treatment & handling  

6-   Offering better after sale service, pushing for great customer’s satisfactions.

7-   The web system of the company divisions supports each other indirectly.


K-BIOanalyticaCo. Ltd

Al-Sayed Abdel Rahman street  / Al-Qassr street junction

Rayan Specialized Laboratory Buiding, 3rd Floor.

P.O. 11656, Khartoum- Sudan

Tel. +249 155121731,+249122098613

Fax + 249 183 741165

E-Mail: : [email protected]

Dr. Khalifa Eltayeb Khalafalla (CEO  & G. Director)

Mona Abdullah Ahmed