JOKOH CO., LTD. Is Japanese company, their philosophy is being Proud of their business and contributing to the development of science and culture.Their management Goals are: To contribute to society, customers and share holders, as well as the development of science and culture. To contribute to society through the company's service as a taxpayer.  As a company, to have the energy to reach well-thought targets and realize the desires of company employees.  The company directors, aim to create a company that satisfies the employees.  They  aim to grow the company for listing on the stock exchange    

  • Main Products:     Medical instruments:  Electrolyte Analyzer   , Ultrasonic Rapid Tissue Processor   ,Tumor test kit for HER-2/nue Gene Amplification by FISH method and also by CISH method etc...   , High Pressure Homogenizer From small to big sized devices available.